Make your Digital Workplace
more Agile

Boost your Workplace Productivity and make your Organization more Agile. hoozin is an out-of-the-box Digital Workplace available On-premises or in the Cloud.

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Streamline your corporate communication

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Your corporate communication platform needs innovative and collaborative features. hoozin becomes a stepping stone towards a full Digital Transformation Strategy while protecting your past and future Intranet efforts.

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Boost your workplace productivity

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Your best use cases for a journey towards a successful Digital Workplace are your Apps. People need Apps to collaborate and improve productivity, now they use hoozin as a one-stop-shop Collaborative platform.

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Foster and engage your people

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In Agile organizations, people discover valuable expertise and information they weren't even looking for. hoozin delivers the backbone to become a real Agile Business. The hoozin Apps will bring user adoption within target range.

why hoozin

Bring Your Own Device

Work can be done within one flavor. From a laptop to a smartphone, hoozin is optimized for every single device.

Ready to rumble

Stop short long discussions about what it should look like, hoozin is out-of-the-box, what you see is what you get.

Proudly found elsewhere

Never reinvent the wheel again, walk through the hoozin App store and meet real Business requirements.

Pimp your Apps

Streamline your Apps and make your Business Processes finally Agile, use hoozin SDK to easily build powerful and shiny Apps.

Weave it in

Plug hoozin to your IT infrastructure, hoozin comes on cloud or on-premises, you actually have a choice.

SharePoint whiz

Say ‘yes’ when SharePoint says ‘no’. Leverage your past investments, hoozin is made on top of the SharePoint API.

hoozin is trusted by thousands of users worldwide

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Join espresso, a nice Digital Lounge proudly made with hoozin around the most universal way for people to share, collaborate and discover valuable insights: coffee. Sign-up, have a coffee (or a tea...) and experience a chill collaborative journey.